Saturday, Sept. 23 Upate from Celia 

Here is today’s update from Celia, the director of the St. John Community Foundation. 

Can you hear me now??? Communications improving with more community wifi and hotspots being activated. The trees are beginning to bloom. People are falling into a routine and continue to help others clean and prepare for kids to get back to school on Monday at GHS. Don’t miss Children’s Choir with Ms. Kristen Mon-Fri 10:30-1:15 at Powell Park. Volunteers are needed to help with childcare at JESS and GHS. The main message from all community meetings today was conserve fuel, conserve fuel, conserve fuel!

Food Service: Cruz Bay Landing and Longboard supported by Red Cross are set up to serve up to 1000 meals a day. Indigo Grill and 420’s self-supported meal service continues. USS Kentucky and USS Wright are due to dock in STT with 1 million MREs for distribution to all USVI. Grocery stores open 9am-2pm: Starfish Market and Dolphin, Pine Peace is also open Caribbean Food Service will deliver Mon, Wed, Fri – all orders must be in by noon the day before. Text your orders to JUne at 340-690-1158.
Medical Care: Myrah Keating Clinic is open but for non emergency needs, please go to the STJ Marketplace office (3rd floor) to the Red Hook Family Practice (RHFP) first. You can also leave a message for Island Health & Wellness Center’s Sandy at RHFP or at Westin Security – She will be checking daily.
Transportation: Ports still not open for public or private use to/from St. John. DIRT teams got a waiver and took the General and Captain Vic over to STT for fuel, 5 containers of water, and 2 containers of food. Mud/rockslides continuously being cleared but continue to be an issue. Centerline is being cleared as we post this, but Coral Bay is accessible down Bordeaux Mtn Rd. Stay off the roads unless necessary. STX airport is open only for medical evacuations, search/rescue and military responders. 
Businesses reopening 9-2pm: Caravan Auto, Pink Papaya open; St John Hardware and Chelsea open and able to take credit cards. VIYA’s goal is to get First Bank up and running. 
Dogs and cats: IFAW and ASPCA is coming on Tuesday with dog food and 500 crates to help evacuate animals. Connections board has lost and found animal notices. National Park is going to help take care of the horses.
Photos for insurance claims: Hi resolution photo session of content and structural damage for insurance and FEAM purposes.starting as low as $25. Leave a voicemail at 340-227-9330; Steve Simonson will do interior, exterior and drone aerial coverage. Text Janet at 340-513-9687
Caribbean Claims: Public Adjuster, Maya Mathews-Sterling [email protected] 340-643-6007 – Public adjuster will represent your claim with insurance company once you file if you give her your claim number (from the insurance agency) and address of property. Tell your agency you are leaving island and will have the public adjuster represent your claim. Claim will be emailed and a notarized copy will be available at connections. Forms will be available at Connections.
Please Separate Garbage: Household, Construction, Landscape
Connections board has cars and housing rental notices, lost and found items…and so much more…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CID!
Our community is resilient and with your help, we WILL rebuild! To make a donation to the Foundation for St. John IRMA-MARIA relief efforts go to http://thestjohnfoundation.org/donate We were formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Marilyn and have been responsibly managing local and federal funds for over 28 years as a 501c3. Your donations are fully tax deductible. Support coming in now will help us revive and rebuild in what is going to be a long road ahead.
Sincerely, in your service, Celia
PS: Puerto Rico UPDATE: The port of San Juan did not suffer major damages and shipments will be arriving as soon as friday with supplies, The airport is expected to open tomorrow but it’s up to the airlines to resume scheduled flights. Crews from the NY and Long Island Power Authorities will be arriving soon via military aircraft to help establish power. There is an aircraft carrier that was in the area that will move closer and provide logistical support (helicopters and such) of relief efforts. A barge will arrive tonight with a million of liters of water, food, cots, and 31 high capacity generators. They will be set up to continue to provide relief for their residents and be a hub and transition point for USVI relief efforts.
…EOC and folks are taking the day off tomorrow…so we will to…Next update on Monday!

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  1. I was wondering if you heard anything about Saint John Post Office opening up anytime soon. My husband has food that I mailed him a month ago and he could not get it because the post office has not been opened. Please let me know as soon as you know so I can text him . I finally got to hear from him today for the first time since 5 September. He was up on some mountain and got cellular service with AT&T. He will check his text tomorrow and Monday if you have any word of the Post Office opening. Thank you for the updates you are a godsend.

  2. Just wondering why the Red Cross is not contracting with a restaurant in Coral Bay for food service. Not everyone can get to Cruz Bay for a meal. I think it is wonderful the Indigo Grill is providing food but surely they could use some Red Cross support. Jen can you ask Celia about this? thanks

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