Rotary Club to fine everybody

ClublogoSt. John Rotary
is a great organization. But, it’s not a social club.  It’s a service organization, with a prioerity on participation.  

So members should not have been surprised to learn that “Everyone in the club us getting fined, except John and Joan.”

That message was contained in the e-mail members received after the group's latest meeting, summing up what was done, what the speaker said, and how much progress is being made on good works.

Writing the report, club secretary BJ Harris said all members who did not participate in a project to clean up Jumbie Beach will pay. “President John announced that the Jumbie Bay clean up was to be Sunday at 0800. But apparently nobody but Joan heard that,” Harris wrote. As comedians sometimes say, "Tough room."

Speaking of good works, St. John Rotary is close to getting financial assistance to fund an oxygen generator for the island.

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