Residents Reveal Vision of Coral Bay’s Future

Coral Bay Likes
These are the top words used by residents to describe what they like most about Coral Bay.

Coral Bay residents would like to see a gas station return to their quiet community and the unsightly dumpsters relocated away from the mangroves. But most importantly, they want to make certain that environmental protections are put in place prior to any new development in the area.

The recently released Coral Bay Community Council visioning survey showed that the majority of respondents were on the same page in terms of what they envision for the future of Coral Bay. Two hundred and seventeen people answered the survey.

In a nutshell:

  • Residents would like to preserve the area’s stunning views and avoid having them blocked by future development
  • They would like to see a gas station return to the area
  • They would like the dumpsters moved away from the mangroves
  • Year-round residents would like to see more recreational facilities built, such as basketball courts
  • Some residents indicated that they would like to see greater job availability within the area
  • Respondents indicated that they enjoy being “different” and stated that they did not want the area to become “urban” like Cruz Bay or St. Thomas
  • They would like to see road improvements, specifically Centerline Road
  • They would like to see a small-scale marina built or other boat services added to the area

And what is it that Coral Bay residents firmly do not want? Well, they do not want to see any large-scale developments built, including marinas, hotels, resorts, condos or other large-scale living areas.

What is your vision for Coral Bay?

5 thoughts on “Residents Reveal Vision of Coral Bay’s Future”

  1. I think the CBCC has it just right – gas station, small marina and improvements to enhance daily life for the residents, but the “heart” of Coral Bay is the community feel & focus that it’s retained. St John doesn’t need another Cruz Bay. One is enough. Folks live in and go to Coral Bay FOR its differences. Oh, and moving the dumpsters would be GREAT!

    • We are Coral Bay people for a reason… namely it’s low profile vibe. I agree with the residents!!! It sounds great!

  2. As a visitor I choose Coral Bay over Cruz. To have the gas station return would indeed be a blessing. There are many times I come to island without renting a car and not having to hold my breath as I pass (run) past the dumpsters would be an improvement. I love Coral Bay and the people here!

  3. When we visit, we can’t wait to leave Cruz Bay and head over to the “more laid back informal side” of the island. We hope Coral Bay retains it’s unique character forever!

  4. I am a long term local and remember Coral Bay in the 1960’s. This is a particularly special part of St John and I am happy to see that the other residents are interested in keeping it low key, quiet and peaceful with reasonably scaled and monitored development!! I really think that this is St John at its best! We need to keep it special and true to the Coral Bay vision. This is the closest to the “old time VI” as we are going to get. Thanks to Coral Bay Community Council for all it does!

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