Residential reassessments begin next year

Representatives of the Tax Assessor will be walking through houses on St. John early next year as part of the territory’s tax reassessment project.  Data collectors will measure properties, and count the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, Sally Powers told a town meeting on the "Perils of Rapid Development," organized by VI Sen. Craig Barshinger at the Westin Resort.  Powers is project manager for the property revaluation. 

She said commercial properties have already been reviewed, and owners have received statements telling them the results, but not the actual tax bills, according to the St. John Source.

Concern about the development of St. John were also heard, as the former Commissioner for Planning and Natural Resources said the department "got it wrong" while he was there, failing to plan for the future.  Alan Smith pointed out the island’s explosive growth began after 1995 and hurricane Marilyn.  He was commissioner from 1987-1991.  Smith suggested taxes paid on real estate transfers be increased to discourage speculation and "flipping."

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