Real estate scoreboard, 4/17/06

  • Houses:  101 (down from 102 on 4/10)
  • Commercial:  27 (down from 29 on 4/10)
  • Condos:  50 (down from 53 on 4/10)
  • Land lots:  249 (down from 251 on 4/10)

                                  Source: Multiple Listing Service

All categories showed an inventory decrease in the past week.  That
hasn’t happened in a long time. 

06214_1But the "good news" may be misleading.  It appears more high-priced properties are coming on
the market and asking prices are decreasing.  A month ago,
the median residential property’s listing was $1.9 million. Today,
it’s lower, at $1.7 million.  And the average house price has risen,
from $2.17 million to $2.35 million.

New on the market: Love City Surf Shack at Raintree Maill. Asking $170,000.  "Fine beachwear and
supplies. The only surf store on the island," according to the listing.

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