Rain – good or bad?

Rain As a vacationer, you don’t want rain.

As a local, with a cistern the only source of water, rain is a good thing. 

So, when it rains like heck, and the gutters are not connected, it’s a bad thing.  As the couple who write the Live de Life blog from St. Thomas reported and videoed this week.

According to the St. John Source, quoting a weatherman in Puerto Rico, it’s likely to rain for the next few days.  Which is – depending – good and bad.  He said there could be two inches of rain some places.  Read the Source story.   

AccuWeather sees rain and showers all week.

1 thought on “Rain – good or bad?”

  1. as a recent vacationer (just got back to the mainland yesterday, in fact), the rain was little more than an annoyance. then again, i admit that many vacationers aren’t the “wash and wear” sort, as i am. during my stay on st. john, i was caught on trails in the pouring rain numerous times, but since i made sure to always pack a ziploc baggie for my camera and a larger one for my hiking guide/trail map, i was good to go. (besides, a little rain in the middle of a long hike can be pretty refreshing…)

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