Post Office will dominate new structure

Plans for a new U.S. Postal Service facility were unveiled at a public meeting at the Westin Resort.
A spokesman for the Governor said a contract for the project, budgeted
at nearly $3 million, would be signed in a few days.  A spokesman for
the Postal Service said the new facility will have 7,000 square feet on
the first floor of the new retail/parking structure downtown, across
from the former barge docks.  A portion of the space, about 1,000
square feet, may be used by vendors.  Local retailers might also occupy
the "old" post office building when it’s vacated, the St. John Source reported.

The second and third floors of the building will have a total of 91
parking spaces, 16 of which will be earmarked for post office
customers.  While Public Works will oversee charging people for parking, postal patrons will not be expected to pay.

Plans for the project are still being developed, the Source reported.  Construction could take about 15 months, at which time the Postal Service would begin finish its space.

2 thoughts on “Post Office will dominate new structure”

  1. Good luck sorting out post office people from someone just for a cup of coffee down the street. There won’t be a space to be had for postal peeps.
    Just my prediction.

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