Port ceremony draws demonstrators

About a dozen St. Johnians were barred from attending the Port
opening ceremony where they hoped to show their concern about real
estate development on St. John.  They were herded outside the
facility’s exit gate where they, nonetheless, made their point, the St. John Source reported.  Condominium projects were at the center of the group’s concern.

Sen. Craig Barshinger "saluted" the Dept. of Planning and Natural Resources for its recent denial of a permit for a multi-story condo at Pastory.  Radha Speer, wife of well known architect Glenn Speer,
was among the demonstrators.  She said she’d "like to see a moratorium,
on building until we figure" out how to prevent runoff which occurs
when land is cleared.  The Gov. and several Senators talked with the
protesters and were thanked for listening.

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