Popular Cruz Bay Spot Expands

Thomas is the owner of Our Market Smoothies. He is one of our favorite people on St. John!
Thomas is the owner of Our Market Smoothies. He is one of our favorite people on St. John!

For those of you who love to indulge in a delicious smoothie when you’re on St. John, you are going to love this! One of our beloved residents, Thomas, the owner of Our Market Smoothies in Cruz Bay, is in the process of expanding, and we are super excited to tell you all about it!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Our Market Smoothies, it’s a delicious smoothie spot right in the heart of Cruz Bay. Its bright yellow walls are hard to miss, as is Thomas’s smiling face! Our Market Smoothies is located across from the Post Office and next door to Cap’s Place.

Our Market Smoothies

Thomas is finishing up a pretty large expansion on the property adjacent to the smoothie spot. The new space will offer ample, covered seating and great people watching opportunities, Thomas said.

Thomas New Seating Area Thomas Indoor Seating

Thomas moved to St. John from St. Lucia roughly 35 years ago, and has been serving up smoothies for the past 25. It’s a labor of love, he said.

“It’s something I enjoy. I’ve done food and beverage my whole life. That’s all I know how to do,” he said.

“I have a PhD in flattery too,” he added with a smile.

Thomas serves up a variety of smoothies and ice cream. He even offers drinks serves straight from a fresh coconut – with or with our rum of course. When asked which drink is his favorite, Thomas said it was hard to choose just one.

“All of the drinks are nice and some of them get jealous, so I don’t try to pick one from the next,” he said. “Although number 8 is my favorite. Passionfruit, mango, strawberry. But all are my favorite.”

Smoothie window smoothie flavors THomas Fresh Coconut

Our Market Smoothies is open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. It remains number one on TripAdvisor, Thomas pointed out, and with good reason. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Popular Cruz Bay Spot Expands”

  1. Thanks for Update of things happening in my favorite place in the World !!
    Quick ? Any News on Wharfside Village ?
    Miss it !! that Parrot Casino reopens for this Season . Arriving Mud January through March
    19th year in a Row with great group of Friends

  2. We also love Thomas and his delicious smoothies but they wouldn’t be the same without seeing his smiling face! He is the sweetest guy on the island.

  3. Good for Thomas! We adore him and love his smoothies! We rent our car from him every year and he is a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to seeing his expansion.

  4. Mr. Thomas is a great person! He serves the best milkshakes and smoothies! We look forward to one everyday when we come to St John!
    Stopping by and getting a smoothie is one of the great St. John experiences!!

  5. Tell Thomas it looks and sounds awesome.
    We will be there in a week and will purchase many smoothies.
    Do you have Captain Morgan??


  6. Wonderful! Thomas is a very special person. We used to rent cars from hi,
    M, and before we got the car, we woul sit and chat and have a smoothie. He always sent us off with some bananas or a pineapple! Love his smile. Continued success Thomas.

  7. Going to OUR MARKET and a chance to visit with Thomas is a top priority every trip to our time share on the island. He is the greatest guy.

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