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Well folks, today I am very happy to tell you all that News of St. John Tours are up and running! And if you are lucky enough to be able to visit St. John this year, I would love to take you out!

You may be wondering what exactly News of St. John Tours is, or perhaps you’re wondering why you would need to or want to take an island tour here on St. John. Well here’s the answer to that and much more…

For starters, News of St. John Tours is St. John’s only private island tour. The tour is five hours long, and I promise it will be the best day of your entire vacation! (We’ve received a ton of five-star reviews to back that up! Click here to read them.) All tours are conducted in my clean, four-door Jeep Wrangler, and most importantly, I am a licensed tour guide here on island. That basically means that I successfully jumped through a ton of hoops for the government, all so I can show you why I love this island so very much. 🙂

So what exactly do we do on these tours? Well we pretty much can do whatever you’d like! We can do some sightseeing, and stop and take pictures at one of several beautiful overlooks here on island. Or perhaps you’d like to visit a centuries-old old sugar mill or plantation ruins. We can stop at one of the island’s world famous beaches for some snorkeling, lounging, beach combing, or simply for some fun in the sun. We can grab a bite to eat along the way and even imbibe in a few cocktails or cold ones – you, not me of course! We can do one of these activities or all of them – it’s completely up to you!

Trunk Bay Wednesday afternoon
Trunk Bay Wednesday afternoon
francis bay jan 2 2018
Francis Bay Tuesday afternoon
Annaberg sugar mill in December
Annaberg sugar mill in December

Taking a News of St. John Tour is a great way to get yourself acclimated to the island at the beginning of your vacation. That’s why we recommend that all first timers book us for the beginning of your stay. And for those of you who have come here more than once or even for years, we promise that we can show you places you’ve never seen and we can tell you tidbits about the island that you have never heard.

The cost of a News of St. John Tour is regularly $400 for up to four people; however we are currently offering a discounted rate of $300 while the island continues to heal. We provide beach chairs, a beach umbrella, boogie boards, noodles, and a Yeti cooler filled with ice and water. And no need to worry, we never combine groups. Lastly, gas is included.

And new for 2018…

We’re now offering a combination land/sea tour! We’re super excited about this! Here are all the details on that!

For those of you looking to see the island’s best spots by land and then take a little boat ride, we’ve got you covered! Our new News of St. John Land/Sea Tour will begin in Cruz Bay where you will hop in my Jeep and we will cruise up the North Shore. We will stop at the overlooks, beaches and can even visit Peace Hill and Annaberg ruins along the way. From there, we will head across the island and down to Coral Bay where we will grab a quick bite to eat. Then we will meet up with Flyaway Charters and they will whisk you out on the water. You can opt to take a relaxing cruise along the South Shore, stop for a snorkel or two, or even head up to the Petroglyphs via the bottom of the Reef Bay Trail. Just like our land tours, you get to decide which activities you do!

Flyaway Charters will drop you off in Cruz Bay, right where we began the tour. I will be there to greet you of course, and to answer any last questions you may have about your time here on St. John.

Our News of St. John Land/Sea Tours are approximately six hours long and cost $600. You will spend approximately 2-3 hours on land and approximately 3-4 hours on the water. Fuel for the boat is included in the cost.

Doesn’t all of this sound great?! Well it sure does to me!

If you’re ready to book your tour, or if you have any questions on the land tour with me or the land/sea tour I will be conducting along with Flyaway Charters, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call/text (203) 376-3786.

Thanks everyone! I hope to see you soon!

10 thoughts on “Please Take an Island Tour with Us! -News of St. John Tours”

  1. Thanks for your updates. They have been wonderful. We’re coming back in May! Can’t wait! Do you know what Chef Gaven of Zozo’s is doing until Caneel Bay Resort is re-built? We’ll miss going there. Happy to hear about all the other restaurants opening!

  2. Great that you’ve got your tours up and running! The land & sea one sounds right up my alley.

    I was wondering about recovery in the Coral Bay area. Last I read power had gotten to the firehouse but haven’t heard anything further. Any info on the progress?

    • Jessica was just on the island for 10 day. Coral Bay is several months behind Cruz Bay and other areas of the island in recovery. Skinny’s has limited hours. Jolly Dog has a new shop open. Astro Bistro NOT open or close. Two other small restaurants open with limited hours….some power connected, some not. Power has come through but that does not mean individual places are hooked up to it. Road rough shape to Lampshur. Discarded appliances, metal etc. piled up for removal and everywhere. They’re trying hard but a way to go.

  3. Thank you for such wonderful information about the status of all the wonderful things on St. John. However, I’m still concerned about the status of the Moravian Church in Coral Bay which seems to have totally lost its roof in the storms. I have often attended services there and it is such a peaceful location to ssit, listen, sing, and look out of the open windows to paradise.

  4. Jen,

    We’ll be in St John in the fall and will definitely book a tour at that time. We were on the island in 2016 and absolutely loved it. It will be great to take a tour with someone that knows St John so well.


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