Pizza Pi Wants Your Help!

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You may recall us telling you over the winter about a delicious little boat called Pizza Pi. It was located over in Christmas Cove behind Great St. James island just southwest of St. John. Well Pizza Pi, which has some of the best pizza around, needs your help.

A few months back, Pizza Pi was asked to relocate from Christmas Cove over to Vessup Bay, which is near the people ferry terminal in Red Hook. The location wasn’t ideal as it could get pretty rocky there and the surroundings weren’t as picturesque as Christmas Cove where guests could snorkel and float around in the pristine water as they waited for their pies.

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Here’s where you come in…

The folks behind Pizza Pi have started a petition so they can return to Christmas Cove. Here’s what it says:

PiZZA Pi is a unique business located in the US Virgin Islands. The floating pizzeria is a big hit with locals and tourists, and is currently ranked #1 restaurant in the territory on TripAdvisor. The food-truck-boat has operated in Christmas Cove, US Virgin Islands for nearly two years and in order to continue, the local government is requesting a show of public support.

If you are in favor of keeping PiZZA Pi in Christmas Cove, we need your help now! We must collect signatures and testimonials from past and future visitors: tourists, VI residents, boaters, and small business owners alike. This is your chance to tell the government (DPNR) why PiZZA Pi is valuable to the US Virgin Islands!

We dreamed up the idea, and then designed and built the boat ourselves. As we gain more and more international attention through TV, print, and social media for our quirky business idea, we elevate the VI as a tourism destination. Our “food truck on the water” is an ideal fit for Christmas Cove. It is a valuable asset to the marine industry as it is one of the only boating destinations in the territory. PiZZA Pi serves up thousands of smiles every season with made-to-order NY pizza with a uniquely hip and wholesome style.

We have come a long way, but cannot continue without your endorsement. Please sign, comment, and share this petition to keep PiZZA Pi going!!

Every signature counts! As an added bonus… for those of you living in the US Virgins Islands, we invite you to attend a DPNR-sanctioned public hearing that will take place on Wednesday evening Oct 5, 2016 to voice your support for PiZZA Pi. The meeting will be held at the St. Thomas Yacht Club. The exact time and additional details will be posted on (Pizza Pi’s) Facebook page.

So folks, if you’d like to help the cause, please click here to sign their petition.  You can also click here to read about how Pizza Pi began. 

7 thoughts on “Pizza Pi Wants Your Help!”

  1. I hope the reason is not that someone else wants to open the same type venue with the DPNR’s help. But it happens everywhere no matter where you live. Sad….

  2. It seems ashame that you are having a meeting on ST. Thomas to convince people attending that you’d like to leave that island and return to St. John. Could you not find a venue ON St. John to hold the meeting?

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