Own a Piece of Paradise Right in Cruz Bay

Building E 1BR Master BedroomAdvertorial

By now I know that a lot of you have given thought about packing up your things and moving to the island. But for one reason or another a full time leap just isn’t in the cards. Well today we have a great alternative that you may be interested in, as the Grande View Residences at Grande Bay are now available for fractional sale. 

The Grande View Residences offer all of the advantages of second home ownership, yet are complimented with the amenities and personal services of a luxury resort. Owners have exclusive access to Grande Bay’s Jeep Club, Yacht Club, concierge services, indoor gym, pool and spa and more.

Pricing for a one-bedroom unit starts at $19,700 per week. Two bedroom units start at $25,900 per week. The units are truly remarkable. See for yourself…


Building E 1BR Great Room Kitchen

Building E  2BR Kitchen

For more information on the Grande View Residences at Grande Bay, please call 888-383-9019 or click here to visit its website

2 thoughts on “Own a Piece of Paradise Right in Cruz Bay”

  1. So should we Save Coral Bay or buy a timeshare at Grande Bay? I’m confused, please advise.

    Come to think if it, if there were only a few condos down in Coral Bay I would be able to just walk down to the protests myself and then retire back to my air conditioned nirvana after a long day of civil disobedience. I see what you’re doing here and I think it’s brilliant. Sign me up!

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