Parking Limited at Peace Hill & Denis Bay

parking lot peace hill

For those of you who enjoy visiting Peace Hill and Denis Bay, the parking lot shrunk a bit recently due to nearby roadwork.

Construction equipment and a trailer now take up the majority of the parking lot and will continue to do so for roughly a month. According to the National Park Service, paving of John Head Road between the North Shore Road and the northern most Catherineberg home and driveway began last week. It’s expected to last a month, so parking will be at a premium during that time. There is also road construction happening on two short stretches of North Shore Road between Oppenheimer/Gibney and Hawksnest, as well as a section between the Jumbie parking lot and the Trunk Bay overlook.

For those of you unfamiliar with John Head Road, this paving is much needed. Click here to check out a little video we took of the drive back in 2013. 

2 thoughts on “Parking Limited at Peace Hill & Denis Bay”

  1. The paving of the John Head Road is very welcome news. Despite it being a very rough road, I once made it from Coconuts’ driveway to the Trunk Bay Beach parking area in twelve minutes flat. Alas, that was while driving solo, and any passengers would almost certainly have been unwilling to tolerate the multiplex accelerations of their internal organs that this entailed. Paving good!

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