Park Supt. hails plan

Supt. Art Frederick said his proudest achievement in his first year at the V.I. National Park was the launch of a revised general management plan.  Frederick told the annual meeting of the Park’s Friends group the venture offered the chance to shape a vision for the park and surrounding coral reefs, according to a report in the Virgin Islands Daily News.   

Frederick said the new mooring fee collection program has been adjusted and is now more boater friendly.  Saying that about 60 percent of moored craft are paying fees, Frederick reminded the group, "The objective is not to collect fees, but to protect the seascapes and the fragile marine habitat."

The Supt. also reported that the $300,000 upgrade to visitor facilities at Hawksnest Beach is due to be completed by next weekend, and that a similar project is planned for Maho Bay Beach this year.  Rehabilitation of the North Shore Road, including repairs to guardrails and improving drainage, is expected to begin this summer.

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  1. WEll PHOOEY — there goes whatEVER seclusion was left at the Maho/Francis Bay area….. sometimes updating does bring more change and “improvements” than regulars and locals want and need. I wonder if this is happening far to often on this wonderfully quiet, “unimproved” island… will it remain a wonderfully QUIET ISLAND or will it soon become overrun with more guests than can fit upon its shores???? I am concerned!

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