On the Market: An Interesting Post-Hurricane Buy

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Hello folks and happy Wednesday! We have a very interesting real estate listing to tell you about today. In this case, it’s a home that was severely damaged during the hurricanes. The damaged structure has been removed, so the listing is essentially an improved lot with several great features. Here is the listing straight from 340 Real Estate Co.:

PROPERTY TO BE VIEWED WITH REALTOR ONLY! NO RAILINGS AND CAN BE DANGEROUS! Hurricane Irma damaged buildings and they have been removed. What exists are a 22.5’x14.5’x9.5′ 20,000 gallon concrete cistern, a 10×16 poured concrete pool with undamaged tile surface (pool filter and heater), deck, concrete septic system, a small storage room, 2 parking areas. There are mature fruit trees below the house footprint. Great water views.

Please check out some pics:

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This property is located in Fish Bay, which is roughly 10 minutes or so from Cruz Bay. Fish Bay is a very quiet neighborhood on St. John’s South Shore.

Interested? Want to learn more? The asking price for this property is $349,000. Please contact Mary Moroney of 340 Real Estate Co. at [email protected] (340) 244-6664 for more information.

9 thoughts on “On the Market: An Interesting Post-Hurricane Buy”

  1. Do you know if building codes would allow me to plop a tiny home right on top of the concrete slab and call it a day? Of course, I would use superglue, so it doesn’t take off in the wind.

  2. Hey Scoop, Superglue should do the job no problem mon!
    On another note, I actually am a serious buyer (not saying Scoop isn’t!). Please have the agent contact me.

  3. -or they received their insurance check, decided not to rebuild and are selling the foundation and dirt for a good price. If they were financially “wiped out” then a bank would be selling it. Try not to be so sensitive. When we own real estate in a hurricane frequented area, it is a matter of time of when it is damaged. My family has owned homes in the FL keys and the Florida panhandle. It is part of life, and is expensive living in paradise but worth the risk.

    • Many on island self insure. Let’s not comment on the owners and focus on the asset for sale… And most importantly show love for each other in love city.

  4. I absolutely recommend 340 real estate as an agent / broker. Tammy and Jenny are amazing. I bought a house with them in December 2017 just after the hurricanes! Superb, smooth transaction.

  5. Planning a trip next spring and buying property. Looking for someone local to help give us some ideas and hopefully set us up with our retirement home

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