Omar, the morning after … Looking OK

Good News!  The Webcams are up … Cruz Bay  and Chocolate Hole’s cameras are sending video – they’ve got power!  Coral Bay’s camera is still sending an old video grab, so I’ll conclude power on the East End is still down.

Meanwhile, beautiful weather has returned to the Virgin islands, to judge by a report this morning filed by a Weather Channel meteorologist from Puerto Rico.  He said PR got .25 inches of rain, St. Thomas about 2 1/2 and St Croix nearly 5, suggesting St John got something like 3 or 4.

The Webcams are not showing debris and widely scattered vegetation.  They are also not showing metal roofs in the bushes.  All good news.

EVEN BETTER NEWS!  A family staying at Blue Tang, our villa overlooking Great Cruz Bay, decamped to the Westin for the storm after the house was closed in.  Says, "We lucked out with Omar tracking east.  We hardly felt any effects at the Westin.  We are safe and it appears its going to be a beautiful day.  From our vantage point, Blue Tang looks in perfect condition."

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