Ocean Grill, Satyamuna open

Rehearsals and tryouts are done at Ocean Grill,
the new Mongoose Junction restaurant and bar.  Lunch is being served daily
right now, dinners only on weekends, ’till season. Cash only, according
to a recent visitor.  The credit card account hasn’t come through yet.

Anthony at Virgin Islands On Line posted a video last month.  The St. John Sun-Times also did a feature on Ocean Grill.  The picture at left is the Sun-Times’.

The new vegetarian restaurant at the Marketplace also opened over the weekend.  Satyamuna is small, with about 25 seats – most of them in the covered area outside the door, right across the Mail Center.  It’s serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, according to the St. John Source.  Breakfast offerings include waffles and pancakes; lunch finds paninis and pasta on the menu, while dinner entrees have an East Indian flavor.

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