Campus Girls hit the Beach Bar

Not everybody is happy about last week's story about a west coast photographer's business idea to issue calendars featuring pretty girls on the beaches of St. John.

Several comments about the piece said this notoriety is not what the island needs.  In fact, it should be avoided lest the next multimedia appearance of the island be in something like “Girls Gone Wild in Love City.”

A deputy of the Inquiring Iguana remembers when the St. John project was being worked on and the Campus Girls did a little local exploring. “I was sitting at the Beach Bar when they came in to eat,” the Deputy reported.

“And boy oh boy!  they got some looks!  Not what you would expect though.  They were so PAINFULLY out of place with their hair and make up so done up.  They got plenty of snickers from men and women.  It's funny how St. Johnian's idea of beauty is so much different then stateside."

6 thoughts on “Campus Girls hit the Beach Bar”

  1. Since a lot of the folks that inhabit the Beach Bar are couples, I really don’t think the looks were that strange at all. It was probably a bunch of guys trying to look away but at times trying to peek without their wives noticing. All at the same time thinking mmmm mm mmmmmm mmmmmm mm

  2. Ha! No, it wasn’t a lot of couples. Around lunch time the Beach Bar fills up with workers from Grand Bay, and trust me, they don’t have a problem with letting a woman know that they like the way she looks.

  3. Back in the 80’s I worked on several photo shoots. The models and crew were taken to Caneel for lunch. Several rooms were booked for the models to have some rest after lunch.
    This just shows how bad the economy has gotten.

  4. Ahhh, nothing like an air-brushed tart for lunch. I’m surprised they were doing photos on Maho Bay with the lack of amenities. Miami is where these girls wanted to go and where the readers want to go. Fine with me.
    Cheers, RickG

  5. I have heard horror stories from most of the girls who have participated in these calendars of how the photographer tried to sleep with the girls once they are on the islands, peer pressured everyone into drinking alcoholic beverages, and then reported every single girl who had trouble selling all her calendars to collection agencies and refused to give any commission for all their hard work. This seems like an extremely appealing project to be a part of, but after interviewing girls who participated, it sounds like my worst nightmare. I know of one girl who even brought the guy to court based on everything that happened at the island – she won hands down. Seriously, ladies, if you are thinking of taking part in this, DON’T! It’s not worth anything but a headache.

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