New police cars

My tax dollars on the move. 

Shiny, new-looking dark blue and white SUVs, cruising the south and north shore roads, always it seems with flashing blue lights.  To alert the bad guys they’re in the neighborhood?  To show neighbors they’re on the job?  I don’t know. 

But if the cars are not being  continuously washed and buffed outside the Cruz Bay police station, they’re on the roads blinking blinking, always blinking.

1 thought on “New police cars”

  1. While dining outside at Tage, I think the two police cars cruised the street back and forth avery 10 minutes. Party lights?? I dunno – the police cars, the new condos, the parking “police” at Mongoose – nothing ever stays the same, I know, but I remember more simple nights and days in Cruz Bay.

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