23 thoughts on “Time for a new photo? Please vote”

  1. The Donkey seems to be most fitting. Remember seeing them when we visited, & even had one stick his head in through my car window! One of the charms of the Island. The Sheep could win a place in my heart…but…KEEP the Donkey.

  2. Donky or sheep, big deal!!! As some who wears a hat all of the time because of the same condition you have I say go with the sheep picture. It makes you look younger and know there are a lot of hot chicks that read this forum, so even tho’ you’re married it’s a good stroke to the ego.

  3. I really like the pic of the donkey. You look relaxed and happy…the way I feel when I am on the island. I like how one can see the other donkeys in the background. Keep it…it’s a great picture!! 🙂

  4. Frank, The photo of you and the St. John donkey must stay! It’s such a warm and friendly shot. To me, it’s a part of the logo of The News of St. John, welcoming the repeat reader to each new issue. It also exudes a bit of the flavor and pace of St. John. You crouched in the middle of the road, smiling warmly, with the contented looking donky. To me, that photo has become your personal signature on each issue!! I’d feel a real loss if it goes.

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