New “Taxi” Service Being Offered to Honeymoon Beach

honeymoon november 2014
Well this was a nice little surprise…

I received an email over the weekend from Minde H. of New York. Minde is a longtime St. John visitor who was lucky enough to be on island last week. Minde told me about a new “taxi” service happening over at Caneel. I was so intrigued that I went to check it out myself yesterday.

So here’s the deal, for a mere $3, you can now take a taxi – and by taxi, I mean a nice little golf cart – from the area adjacent to Caneel’s gift shop all the way down the Honeymoon beach … how exciting is that?!

Does this make me feel lazy? Yes. Am I totally going to use it, and did I use it yesterday? Yes. 🙂

It’s a pretty smart idea if you think about it. No more having to lug chairs, coolers, floats, etc. down the 10-minute or so path to Honeymoon. This simply makes the short little trek easier.

So as I mentioned, the cost is $3 per person and $5 per couple. (That’s what I was quoted yesterday. I have heard that at times it is $5 per person.) You’ll be greeted at the stairs that take you to the beach path, and you can hop on right there. When you’re ready to go back to the parking lot, you simply ask someone at the beach hut to call the taxi back for you. And lastly, this is happening during high season only from what we’ve been told.

This is where I was met by Louis, the fantastic taxi/shuttle/Uber driver.
This is where I was met by Louis, the fantastic taxi/shuttle/Uber driver.
Louis, my fantastic taxi/shuttle/Uber driver

News you can use today, folks. Have a great Thanksgiving week everyone!

2 thoughts on “New “Taxi” Service Being Offered to Honeymoon Beach”

  1. I’m happy to hear this. I wanted to visit Honeymoon last year but was unable to due to mobility issues. I had thought about asking for a ride to the beach area but I didn’t want the Caneel staff to be offended in any way or for them to think that I thought I was special or deserving.

  2. Sigh………………. I remember when Honeymoon Beach was the quietest, most beautiful, pristine beach at Caneel Bay–where we would frolic with the sting rays that would visit and glide by, not afraid of all the people and stuff. Where my husband and I were married on the quiet beach. Long ago. St. John back time.

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