New owners of Woody’s promise no changes

Kris Williams
and Paul Scott, friends for 16 years, say you probably won’t notice anything different now that they own at Woody’s Seafood Saloon in Cruz Bay. 

Saying the deal was fulfillment of a dream, Kris wrote  on Woody’s Facebook page, “Mike will still be the interior decorator/general manager and the plush stackable outdoor furnishing stay!” Making changes, he said, “would be dumb! Happy hour will still be happy and it will still be more than an hour."

They made their first visit to Woody's in 1997, and have been coming back ever since.  They bought a house on St. Thomas two years ago "as an added excuse to spend more time on the islands."

The former owners, Todd and Chad, endorse the new ones.  Although it was with “heavy hearts” that they announced the sale, they were quick to say, “We share their guarantee that nothing will change.”

5 thoughts on “New owners of Woody’s promise no changes”

  1. I never understood the Woody’s thing. You go to a Carribean island with all sorts of great things to explore and see, and you choose to hang out at a burger/fried food bar with a view that consists of a bank and a generally seedy looking corner.

  2. To D in RI- its all about the experience. With that attitude, it must be tough to satisfy your likings. I, for one will continue my visits to Woody’s. Walk in with a smile, walk out with a smile, and a full belly from the shark bites. Please keep those on the menu.

  3. The Beach Bar does not serve anything on the beach anymore, for some unexplained reason. I just got back from St. John yesterday.

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