New Marina Proposal for Cruz Bay??

cruz bay overlook

Wow, now this is something we didn’t see coming. Apparently there are plans for a new marina in Cruz Bay. I have to be honest, I’m on a little vacay in the BVIs now, so I don’t know much. The following info was sent to us from Active St. John that details it all. Apparently it was sent via email to all owners at Grande Bay. Please note: This is NOT a Grande Bay-driven proposal. They simply were made aware of the proposal. Here are the details…

  1. A boardwalk will extend from some point between Gallows and the beginning of the graveyard and extend to in front of DRINK. Access would be from the lower garage entrance in Grande Bay across the road and past the wall. The existing palm trees will remain.
  2. The wires from Gallows to the Beach Bar would be placed in a conduit under the Boardwalk.
  3. A marina for Cruz Bay is planned. Currently there are approx. 40 boats on moorings in the bay (approx. 17 of which are being lived in) and the plan is for a marina to handle approx. 100 boat slips for boats up to 60′. There will be no refueling as it will remain over by the National Park dock. Water, sewer and electric are already available in the area. There are plans for a restaurant in the marina but only one story in height. There will be no loss of sight by owners of the 1st floor of the lower building. The ferry access will be the same as well as the access to the National Park building, the international ferry dock and customs will remain as they are.
  4. Included in the plans is to add a wall for the cemetery on the right side of the road going towards Gallows. In addition, a small covered area for services performed at the cemetery will be added.
  5. This process has a ways to go in terms of receiving the OK from the Virgin Island Senate, the Army Corps of Engineers and DPNR. It was stated that there will be a website containing renderings and drawing of the plans as things develop. There will certainly be public hearings and opportunities to provide input/objections about the proposed plans. Obtaining the permits will likely be the biggest challenge. Cleaning up the beach area in front of Grande Bay has always been an issue with current boat owners having to get from their boats to the shore and tying up to the palm trees or just leaving their kayaks, paddle boards and small dinghies anywhere they choose.

All I can say is wow. We will do some digging and will keep you all posted.

26 thoughts on “New Marina Proposal for Cruz Bay??”

  1. That’s awfully disheartening. Watching all the boats bob up and down as the sun sets is an awesome site. Seeing them all lined up in slips can be seen at thousands of marinas throughout the country. BORING. When will the expansion madness end?

  2. I vote no. The bay can’t handle that type of traffic. I too enjoy watching the boats bob “companionably” as an islander-author put it.

  3. Wow, that’s a surprise I didn’t think that would happen. That’s not going to be the view that goes with what makes St John the special place it is.

  4. Well if you promote the area as we all know has been happening so more and more people are coming to st. John then more and more services are needed. Boats bobbing in the harbor also leave other things bobbing I bet you. I think a small Marina would be a wonderful thing for St. John whether it be Cruz Bay or Coral Bay.

  5. It’s sad, but I think St John is heading down a path to be a small St Thomas. It’s only a matter of time, but hopefully I’m wrong. I like the small, quiet feeling.

  6. Let’s face it, the cows were out of the barn once Grande Bay went up. I actually think the marina could be a nice addition. Maybe it will have a Soper’s Hole kind of vibe.

  7. Wow, what a shame. Me thinks, after 14 trips to St. John me thinks it may be the last. Bigger is not better; especially in this instance. if this goes through, I’ll be looking for a new haven.

  8. In one of my books about STJ, I remember reading that one of the old West Indian STJ families owned the rights to develop a marina in Cruz Bay. (this is a separate family from the Coral Bay ones) Anyone else read that? I think it might have been in People of STJ.

    A pump out station could only be a good thing, don’t know about the rest of it. It would likely draw sailors over from BVI waters.

  9. I hate to say it, but my retirement plans are beginning to switch towards Lovango . . . .

    Every time I turn around there is another new battle to prevent major development on St. John.

    • They’re all a bunch of idiots. The place can’t grow economically when so called “locals” think they know what’s best for our island. We need a marina! Whether cruz bay or coral bay! A new marina means more jobs, opportunities for locals to get into sailing, and we would benefit by having revenue come in from that end. St. John is special yes, but all you ppl that don’t want to see changes that benefit us, shouldn’t be here.

  10. WONDERFUL! In a time where Stj has suffered from an early “slow season” positive newssuch as this should be the silver lining this island has been waiting for. The concerns of peace and serenity or boats bobbing in the harbor doesn’t generate income. Expecting the island to be self sufficient on the little that there is to sustain is selfish. A project such as this will generate jobs and increase traffic that may have been lost to the BVI. A big YES

    • How much of the “positive” commentary in the comments section is legitimate? The developers can create all the illusions they want, but WE ARE NOT LETTING THIS HAPPEN!

    • Shanya, We respect your concern for the “welfare” of the residents of St. John. We respectfully disagree with your belief that this marina project IN THIS LOCATION would be beneficial. The negative impacts are huge–both financially and aesthetically. Cruz Bay is really very tiny, and that is a major part of its charm–and why visitors love to come there. You just can’t squeeze in a marina of the size(or any size) mentioned. Some will disagree with me, but I would actually be in favor of a marina in the Coral Bay area if it was the right size (60 slips might actually work there). The current proposal shows its location in a swampy area adjacent to a baseball field, which makes much more sense to me. Imagine the increased business to be had transporting these boaters to Cruz Bay for a day or an evening. I know Coral Bay is very “proud” and is trying to reject development, but done right, a marina on that side of the island could satisfy a lot of needed income required for the betterment of the island’s infrastructure—-not to mention the betterment of the STANDARD OF LIVING for people like yourself who live and visit this island paradise.

  11. This makes me sick . The reason we travel to Saint John is because it is not over developed. Leave our little island alone.

  12. NO! St John is promoted so much these days. Everyone is not going to be happy until its a crowded, over developed tourist town. STOP, killing our lovely little island. What can we do stop these ridiculous money hungry people that have no respect for St. John.

  13. This is sad news and appears to be a big money maker for a few selfish investors. St John is a desired destination because it had not been commercialized and overdeveloped in keeping with the spirit of the island.

  14. I’m with the majority ….. I’ve been there dozens of times , and as it sits now it’s a little gem. After all these Cruz & Coral Bay developers get thru it’s all about the Benjamin’s it’s so sad……..

  15. REALLY!! A Marina! In Cruz Bay Harbor?? The infrastructure can not handle it!! Its ALL ABOUT WHO HAS THE MOST MONEY!! AND WHO CAN OUT IT IN THE RIGHT PEOPLE’S POCKETS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!! I’m Local, My daughter is NATIVE to this island! IF WE DON’T FIGHT THIS TOGETHER, THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT FOR OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN TO BE PROUD OF WHEN THEY GROW UP!! WE ARE NOT TO FAR OFF FROM LOOKING LIKE ST THOMAS AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT WE WILL BE THE NEXT ST MARTIN OR ST BART’S!! Marina isn’t always the answer to everything. It is making people accountable “DPNR” and follow through with violations to keep the waters clean! Dont renew the mooring if they cant prove they can empty waste correctly!!!! WHY MARINA? WHY NOT A DOCK? The issue has always been not having a dock for day trippers or the BVI sailing community to be able to pull up to. Change is good when it is planned for the right reasons! Not coming to our island and decide because they have millions, they can just change something because they sat on their veranda and had a brain storm moment! How about making life in the creek easier with the day excursion boats arriving back into customs and add dock-age their??? Oh but that makes too much sense start where its needed most! We didnt want Grande Bay to begin with and we were sold out by our senate and DPNR who work for “WE THE PEOPLE” and now we have one of the owners at Grande Bay wanting a Marina? Before you know it folks, the natives & locals will be pushed off this island if we are not careful and it will become another “Mystique” Think about this seriously before you are swayed into the “IT WILL CREATE JOBS” thing! And where are all these added people going to live?? Daily living?? Before DPNR even remotely considers this, we have much bigger issues to resolve! A MARINA?? And we cant even get the containers here to fill our grocery store shelves right now and this guy wants a MARINA??? The beach is public!!! and you want to build a board walk and then create restrictions/rules to being able to use it! When on the beach, you cant tell anyone to get off the beach unless they are breaking the law. NO! NO! NO! NO MARINA until the infrastructure of Cruz Bay is figured out to be able to handle the growth we have seen in the last 14 years. A Marina is not the answer!
    If this was happening in the BVI, ONLY a Local belonger could do this, of this magnitude! This is so sad….

  16. Let’s name this guy who is proposing turning our beautiful bay into a mess: Brett Jefferson. Brett is a hedge fund operator out of Connecticutt who is on the island ONLY to avoid paying taxes on his fund’s earnings. Ask the owners at Grande Bay, they know him for the opportunist he is. He doesn’t give a flip about spoiling the tranquility of our beautiful island or Cruz Bay. It is all about him!
    I hope that you can find the details of where this travesty stands and let us know so that we can actively protest to DNR.
    Image a 100-slip marina in that tiny body of water with slips large enough to handle 60 foot boats. This is pure tee greed on the part of one man who has no concept of why people love our island. It is not about those of us who treasure St John. It is all about Brett Jefferson.
    Please, everyone, stand up and actively oppose this craziness.

    • Please don’t tell me that…… He went to school around the corner from me. If it’s true, he’s the kinda guy that give us nutmeggers a bad name!!!!

  17. My wife and I have a fractional ownership at Grande Bay Resort. The only good thing in this plan would be the burying of the power lines along the beach under a wooden walkway. But a 100 slip marina—-NO WAY JOSE !!! Imagine the view from all the restaurants, bars, and shops along the beachfront—-do their customers really want to stare at concrete boat slips?—absolutely not. What about the VALUE of the affected residences and businesses?–resale will NOT BE GOOD. My wife and I will continue to voice our objection to this absurd proposal.

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