New Libations Offered in Love City

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For those of you who enjoy a nice libation here and there, we’d like to tell you about a new-ish business that’s offering top quality, all natural libations and they’re being created right here on St. John.

Josh Rossiter moved to St. John with his wife about a year-and-a-half ago. You may recognize him as being one of the bartenders upstairs at Ocean 362. Well when Josh moved to the island, he knew he wanted to start crafting something involving liquor or spirits. He wasn’t sure if he would take the typical route of distilling rum or something different. Then one day after reading an article on how maraschino cherries were made (let’s just say they’re not all natural), he decided to start making his own cocktail mixers.

From there, Josh decided to start making infused liquors and thus Love City Libations was formed. Using local limes, local rums and unrefined sugar cane from St. Croix, Josh first created Green 13. It took him 13 tries to get the recipe perfect, thus Green 13. Since then he’s created Yellow 7, which has a lemon ginger flavor, and Orange 3, which has an orange flavor infused with cacao nibs. You can tell by the numbers he got better as he went along. 🙂

Love City Libations are currently being offered for sale behind the upstairs bar at Ocean 362. Sixteen ounce bottles cost $15 and 4 oz. bottles cost $7. Josh also sells a 50 mL bottle for $4. He will also pour out samples for those of you interested in trying one.

For more information on Love City Libations, you can follow them on their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/JoshsNaturalsVI

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