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Kenny New Video

Kenny Chesney just released a video for “Spread the Love,” a collaboration with The Wailers. It’s a great song and a great video. Here’s what Rolling Stone had to say about it:

“Spread the Love” finds country super-star Kenny Chesney coming together with the legendary Wailers for a noble purpose. Chesney’s proceeds from the sale of the song go directly to the Spread the Love Fund, dedicated to providing prosthetic limbs and post-prosthetic care to those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing this past spring.

“I was having a day off in Florida when the Boston Marathon bombing happened and I just remember feeling so angry for all those people and wanting to do something to help,” Chesney tells Rolling Stone. “But how do you undo that? It dawned on me – what had been this incredible experience, writing with the Wailers, was something more – an opportunity to heal spirits.”

We’d love the play the video for you here, but we do not have the rights to broadcast it. Please click here to watch it on Rolling Stone’s website. (You can also watch it on YouTube.)

“Spread the Love” was featured on Kenny’s most recent album Life on a Rock. He donated a portion of the album’s proceeds to the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park. You can read more about that here.

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  1. Same message in St.Thomas, USVI. “People who live where you do can’t watch this video. ..” Ironic, yes.
    Thanks for spreading the love!

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