New Gas Station & Grocery Coming to the Island

Midway Gas Station

Well folks, today’s story is going to be super short and sweet. But it’s packed with useful information.

A new gas station and grocery store is coming to the island. Midway Supermarket & Gas Station will be located on Centerline right on the straightaway near mile 3. The grocery store will be the largest on the island. The complex will also feature a laundromat.

Midway Gas Station and Grocery

We chatted with a few fellas on site the other day and asked when we can expect the complex to open. “Soon,” they said with a smile.

This will be the island’s third gas station and will be a great asset especially to those folks living in Coral Bay and beyond. Currently the island’s two gas stations are roughly a half mile apart, and are located in Cruz Bay and near the Westin.

That’s all we have for you today. “News” you can use!

7 thoughts on “New Gas Station & Grocery Coming to the Island”

  1. We’ve been watching this location for a while now, wondering which year it will open. Fingers crossed for winter 2020.

  2. Yay!! We’re in Virgin Grande and it will be great for that area too! Was wondering what that was going to be so thanks Jenn

  3. Are the owners respected on island and St. John strong supporters?
    No more ‘Caneel Bay’ type outsiders??
    If so, great news!!!

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