New deal at the Westin

Maybe it's the economy.

For starters, the Westin St. John's "Island Hopper Experience" promotion gives you four nights for the price of three.  

Stay five nights, and they'll give you a $150 credit for food and drinks.  For six nights, you get a $200 credit for food and beverages. Details here. 

5 thoughts on “New deal at the Westin”

  1. Why is that a sign of a bad economy in St John- as every hotel in the country has promotions like that at every price point, in every city good economy or not.

  2. Still not a deal, their rack rates are VERY high compared to other lodging on the island. Rather spend my $$$ at Gallows.

  3. You’re right. The Inquiring Iguana MEANT to say ‘maybe’ it’s the economy, generally. A summer promotion on the island is normal.
    Many think the Westin’s rates are reasonable when you consider the services and amenities that ‘come with’ the room.

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