St. John: What’s not to like?

It's been six months since a New England couple and their son decided to "Just do it!" and relocated to St. John.

So far, so good.

The husband, Matt, is a builder and he's found work on a house in Fish Bay, across the street from where the couple is renting.  The wife goes by the online name of P-600 and writes a blog about the family's experiences.  Her latest post is "My love/hate list for St. John."

The list has 14 "hates" and 36 "loves".


  • Driving behind water trucks
  • paying $8/gallon for milk
  • Taxis in the middle of the road, and
  • The Water and Power Authority


  • "That I don't watch TV at all,"
  • Her son reads for fun,
  • The people she meets
  • Animals roaming the streets
  • Views at every turn
  • "That we love living here." 

Read the P-600 Moving to St. John blog here

5 thoughts on “St. John: What’s not to like?”

  1. park rangers are jerks. I picked up a bunch of trash off the beach and got a bottle ticket. I was told if I wanted to contest it I had to show up in court in Texas.

  2. I’ve been coming to St John for 20 Plus years and it is my favorite place on the planet. Never ever had an issue before. Just a bad day I guess. I was not “trashing” St John

  3. Why don’t we leave Jersey out of this, and concentrate on the island. No need to trash Jersey, this coming from some Jersey folks. Going down this week and can’t wait to see it all again. Love this island.

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