Hiding in plain sight?

Many years ago, the Westin Resort used to host Comedy Night.  Locals would do standup, you'd drink a few beers, and have a few laughs.

One evening, the Inquiring Iguana was walking out of the room and spotted a face he knew. Turned out to be a guy from a former life who, it was apparent, had had some issues with the federal authorities in New orleans and decided to relocate.

There are others like him on the island.  They found St. John a relaxed place to live and out of the way but not TOO far out of the way.

Well, a recent Craigslist posting indicates the island can still attract its share of characters. 


4 thoughts on “Hiding in plain sight?”

  1. Hey the Inquiring Iguana,
    I’m a P.I. who has been looking to relocate to St. John. Can you hook me up with that job~? It would be a great start.

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