Live the villa life at $20,000 a week

The owners of a new property at Point Rendezvous seem to be betting that the good old days are coming back.

Eco Serendib Villa and Spa opens for business next month offering "a new level of eco-friendly ultra-luxury" with eight suites, a spa,, gym and "epicurean Theater kitchen featuring sub-zero appliances.  Price tag: an introductory cost of $20,000 for a week. (One source says winter season, the place will go for $35,000.)

"Everyone dreams of having a private villa of their own in the Caribbean, whether to just get away with family and friends, experience a wellness journey or hold an event of a lifetime such as a wedding," explained Harith Wickrema, the villa's manager. 

"Our credo is to provide experiences that entertain, excite, educate, provide escapism and aesthetics," said Wickrema, who is a nationally recognized event planner. "It is also our mission to offer our influential guests an opportunity to experience the benefits of spending time at a destination designed with the Earth in mind."  He explained that the Villa's goal is not necessarily to be "a 100% ecologically pure resort" but, rather, to show the discerning traveler how luxury and ecologically sensitive products and designs can co-exist in total harmony.  

"We seek to redefine luxury," he said, "so that it becomes less about self-indulgence and more about self awareness in the world we all share."

The villa's owners say they have incorporated "eco-friendly, energy-saving products and systems to lessen its carbon footprint without sacrificing the guest experience."

These include the installation of 69 "Buy America" compliant Suniva solar panels; Sub-Zero/Wolf kitchen appliances made from recycled materials; water-conservation products from Kohler;  furniture from Gloster using sustainable plantation management systems; recycled glass; a grey water system for irrigation; three separate 20,000 gallon cisterns to collect rain water; and an organic vegetable garden.

Eco Serendib's,owners are betting that it will draw business from what it describes as "corporate retreats, team building, change management, leadership and executive coaching workshops."  And for the very well-heeled, family reunions and weddings might find the villa attractive, too.

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  1. I’m just imagining me and Roscoe, my pet ferret, at that huge table. Me at one end and Roscoe at the other. We’d be livin’ like kings! Then Roscoe and me can cozy up next to the pool on one of those poolside couches and watch the sunset together while Roscoe and I sip strawberry margaritas.

  2. Beautiful views of the ocean through every window. That’s one thing we miss out on in Idaho Real Estate-no gorgeous ocean views- great work on finding that stellar property for your client, I’m sure they will love it every day as they enjoy seas and skies. In Idaho, however, we do have some spectacular lake front property to offer that can give our clients a similar feel. I like the way you post and describe your homes on your blog-the pictures especially are beautiful and eye-catching. We may do the very same thing on our website. Thanks!

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