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Local newspapers on St. John are taking some pride in the fact they have been reluctant to chronicle the sightings of Kenny Chesney, the singer.  But People magazine has not been, publishing a colorful story about Chesney in its Jan. 17 issue, calling him an "island cowboy."  Chesney is sometimes seen on island at the Beach Bar and Woody’s. (But, we didn’t tell you.  We respect his privacy, too.)

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  1. I do not think that anyone should be telling where he goes or what he does. He goes there to relax and get away from the chaos. Give the man his privacy, he has been practically living there for a long time. He is just a man. Good luck Kenny!

  2. i can understand fans wanting to know personal info about kenny, but those same fans need to put themselves in his flip-flops. if you were on an extended vaction would you want stangers taking your picture. i certainly would not. let the man relax, just wait until he comes to your town you can see him up close and personal take it from one who knows….there is nothing like it in the whole world. we love you kenny

  3. I got married in St. John in 2002 and we were having our reception at Cafa Wahoo and low and behold there he was. Kenny was on his boat in the bay and saw my husband and myself all dressed up and he said “Congratulations” and that was it. He seemed like a very nice man! 🙂

  4. I find it funny that all you who are saying that they should not say where Kenny is or what he is doing, all have obviously looked on the Internet or did a search to see about where Kenny has turned up. That is what brought you to THIS SITE. So you are just as guilty as any. Who cares if people know where he is…and I’m sure Kenny knew when he disclosed TONS of times that he likes to go to the Islands, that people would eventually find out exactly WHERE in the Islands he likes to stay.
    I say, it doesn’t matter if people know WHERE and WHAT he’s doing, as long as they don’t BOTHER him when he is THERE.

  5. I agree that Kenny comes to the islands for rest, and that all of us fans should be respectful of that. But when I do get down there, and I see him, I am going to go up and say something to him, shake his hand. An autograph would be great, but I doubt I would ask him. I would just want him to see another fan that his music has impacted their life.

  6. I also enjoy the relaxation that I find on the goregeous island of St. John. I have bumped into and conversed with Kenny many of times. When he is there he is living as closely a life as a regular joe that he can pull off being someone of his stature. He would never say “leave me alone!” or any other rude comment to a fan or a native, but, do please respect the man enough to say hello or even ask for a picture with him but after that go on your way and let the man enjoy the short time that he has there. Thanks, Islandboy2

  7. Yall are so right about all this!i think its a load of crap for kenny to have to put up with all this!i know the fans(and im one but i don’t go that far)and i know we all want a picture and all but leave the man ALONE he wants his privacy just a much as anyone!We all love him and we all think he is a little hottie, but he has to have his privacy just as much as the next person!love ya Kenny!!

  8. I do believe that everyone needs a little time to themselves. We all need that time to regain our thoughts and time to pray, and relax and just pull in the sun to our souls. It may come a little harder for Kenny Chesney to do that but, we as fans need to realize that yes, he is a star but more so a true real human with thoughts, feelings and a soul that needs to be repaired from time to time just as our souls need it. So for the sake of peace, and beautiful music give him a little space so that he can unwind and pull the sun in deep that he may be able to write his enter thoughts in a well sung song as he always does and that way he’ll be able to share it not only with himself but, with us his fans. I hope this some how reaches out to everyone and maybe will help every person who reads this to see that when Kenny Chesney has a day to be just Kenny Chesney the MAN and not the star that they can just speak and smile and by some small miracle breath a small prayer for him and pass as we would any man with pride and respect. I would yes love to meet him but, only when I know he is comfortable with idea and that its the right time and place like when he is working and doing his job that is the time and place for it. Let him relax and be Kenny. Sorry this is long long but, I’ve had it on my heart for a while and I hate to see anyone go unrespected. And that includes me and you.

  9. I know that i am only 12 years old but kenny is hot i go to almost every concert he has but
    lets skip the subject like everyone is saying kenny chesney has to have his privacy just like anyone else does just leave him alone and let him have a life to just like us he is a human just like us…well i g2g,GOOD LUCK KENNY


  11. I know that I & my husband need some downtime. I am sure the same goes for Kenny, let’s face it; he’s a man with an incredible talent…let him rest & relax. Even before I began listening to his music, or knew he went to the islands, I have always wanted to come there and visit and relax. If we get lucky enough to see him, I won’t bother him or take his picture. Kenny, you just relax when you get there…a good book and the sand sound good to me too & my husband. Hey the Road & the Radio tour was great! We saw you in Oakland CA…thanks for doing what you do and Recharge in the magic you find in these islands. We will be able to visit there one day.

  12. Just wanted to say I met Kenny and he is a very caring man to his fans ,,and U can tell he needs a break of peace from fans time to time as long as you act like a person and not a maniac fan when you meet him he is very respectful..go Kenny get your rest after your tour you deserve it..thanks for the dances

  13. If I were to run into Kenny anywhere..Caribbean or not…I would definitely go up to him and say hi and ask for a picture with him..I wouldn’t go stalker on him or anything..but I mean after all he is a super star and has to except people to want an autograph and pictures where ever he goes, even if he is on vacation. I think that Kenny would be happy to do that for his fans because he seems to be a genuine person who takes good care of his fans!

  14. I would love to run into Kenny. If I did, I would be a friend. Him and I….we have a lot in common. I would like to just sit on the beach and talk. I would like to go out and party with him and just have fun…..but he would first have to promise me….he wouldn’t fall in love with me.

  15. I would love to run into Kenny in the islands but like someone else said don’t go crazy and start screaming and everything!He is a normal person and deserves some peace from all the chaos he puts up with! I would walk up and ask for a picture or an autograph but thats it. I think he is a very genuine person who would love to do that for a fan!
    Love ya Kenny!!

  16. I spent a lot of time living in Cancun, Mexico. There is nothing like the solitude of being on the beach looking out onto the horizon of water and sky. You get lost into another world. A lot of Kenny’s music takes me back (“I Go Back”) 20 + years ago when i was in my early 20’s and living it up down there. There’s just something about the Caribean that puts you in that other world. the white sand the different shades of blue of the water. Man!!! Kenny I would love to come to St. John’s and you and my husband have a couple of beers and myself a diet coke (since i don’t drink anymore) and just enjoy God’s gift of serenity!

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