Gifft Hill road work may soon come

The Governor's in there pitching for millions of federal stimulus dollars for the Territory's roads, including some on St. John.  High on the list is almost $5 million for Gifft Hill Road from the Westin all the way to its intersection with Centerline. 

Anyone who's every driven on the island knows how the hill from the Fish Bay entrance past the old Gifft Hill School is one treacherous trip, thanks to potholes, cement spills, and just plain traffic, no matter how beautiful it is at sunset, as carlycof proved with her photo here, from Flickr.

Anyway, the Governor's 'certified' repairs to Gifft Hill as one of the ways he'd like to spend $20 million dollars from the Federal transportation people.  Funds would also be used for such things as guard rails, pavement markings and signs on Centerline into Coral Bay, according to a statement from the Governor's office.

3 thoughts on “Gifft Hill road work may soon come”

  1. Frank,
    I am glad you found my photo useful for your news source, I am a fan of yours! As I scrolled down to check out todays entry I thot, that looks just like the photo I took last Dec! Thanks for giving me credit, as well as the link.
    I would LOVE to see some of the stimulus package go to help improve Gifft Hill Rd.I would consider that money well spent. Over the years I have seen it in a variety of conditions and it seems to almost always need improvements.

  2. We’ve never rented a home in Virgin Grand Estates just because Gift Hill road is in such bad shape. If the road is repaired Villa Rapture here I come!

  3. Redoing Gift Hill Road, or any road on St. John from now on, should be combined with laying underground utilities. The island is long overdue for hurricane disaster mitigation in the form of underground work. What a great opportunity to get at least some of it done. Should have happened when paving the Bordeaux Road, but … of course not.

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