More Flights to the Island Happening Soon!


Well folks, we have great news for you! The Department of Tourism just announced that additional flights will soon fly to and from the Territory!

Delta plans to add a second daily flight out of Atlanta this summer, and will continue its daily service between New York (JFK) and St. Thomas through the end of August. In our pre-hurricane world, it was common for Delta to cut back the New York flights during September and October. I’m assuming they will resume this route on a daily basis sometime in November, but that is simply an assumption.

The Department of Tourism also stated that American Airlines is contemplating adding a third flight between Miami and St. Thomas, as well as a new Dallas flight. Hopefully this happens sooner than later. We will definitely keep you posted on this.

United Airlines is adding a flight between Houston and St. Thomas on Saturdays only beginning in May. This route will be offered daily between June 6th through August 19th. United will also offer daily nonstop flights between Washington DC and St. Thomas during a similar time period. There will also be intermittent flights between Newark and St. Thomas over the summer.

Progress, progress, progress! Such great news!

More Flights to the Island Happening Soon! 1

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More Flights to the Island Happening Soon! 2

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5 thoughts on “More Flights to the Island Happening Soon!”

  1. I wish there were better and less expensive flights from where I live. Getting anywhere from the Rochester, NY area is one of the hardest places to fly from. Not only are the fights non direct, many of them you spend the night in an airport, but it is so expensive you would think the airlines make all their money just from this area.

  2. Did you say Dallas?! It would be awesome to cut out the layover at MIA and get on island sooner. Hope this happens.

  3. I hope the airport considers adding a water fountain to the departures gate area. Plumbing for the restrooms is there, adding a fountain would be a welcome addition. More flights means more passengers and adding a basic service like a water fountain would help since the airport is still in recoverymode.

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