Monthly food price survey shocker

Basket A surprise was found in results of the August food price survey conducted by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.

While Pine Peace Mini Mart, at the foot of Jacob’s Ladder, is traditionally known for having the lowest prices on the basket island, that was not the case last month, according to DCLA.

The cost of items on the agency's shopping list at Pine Peace was $76.06, according to a report of the survey in the Virgin Islands Daily News.  

Starfish Market was second at $72.99.  

Dolphin Market had the lowest prices, with the basket priced at $67.28.

Dolphin’s top position is puzzling, especially since the long standing policy of giving locals a 10% discount on purchases above $50 reportedly has been ended.  

Gerry Singer, who writes the blog St. John Life, also said the market ended its well-known 30% discount for some weekend purchases.

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