Monster potholes plague Coral Bay

A four-foot wide and 10-inch deep pothole has opened at a switchback
on the East End Road.  Citizens and Public Works officials agree the
"monster" is a danger to drivers heading uphill from the switchback
toward Coral Bay.  An unknown person has spray painted Xs and the word
"hole" on the pavement to alert drivers, according to the St. John Source.
Several other potholes have also developed on the east End Road.  One
further problem, brought on by construction and development in the
area, is spilled concrete.  They’re overfilled and when they start
uphill, there are problems.  A Coral bay resident told the Source, "It’s like a large lumbering elephant dropping gray turds," said Terry McKoy.

4 thoughts on “Monster potholes plague Coral Bay”

  1. At the risk of sounding naïve, why doesn’t the town just fix the pothole the same day it’s reported? It costs less than $100 in asphalt and takes about ten minutes. It will only get larger.

  2. Hahaha, that’s probably the best description on excess concrete that I heard. We have the same problem in a street here when some concrete mixer driver decided to dump the excess concrete from his truck on the street itself. You can guess the result. Luckily the city was quick to take action and held the construction company liable.

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