Glimpse of St. John: Coral Bay Triangle to Salt Pond

Happy Monday everyone! We figured it’s a short week for many of you, so let’s start it off with a warm and sunny video from St. John. Take a few minutes and cruise with us from the Coral Bay Triangle over to Salt Pond.

As always, we brought our GoPro Hero3 and Kenny Chesney along with us. So be sure to turn your sound up … Enjoy!

Ps: No, I don’t drive that fast. We sped the video up to match the song length. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Glimpse of St. John: Coral Bay Triangle to Salt Pond”

  1. I need more of these awesome videos! Made my day. Would love to see more photos of Rendezvous Bay. That’s where I’ve stayed and fell in love with St.John. Beit Hawa.

  2. 49 days and counting until I leave upstate NY to come back to paradise to say “I do”. Thanks for sharing this video. I am happy to have found this blog!

  3. How is seaweed at Salt Pond ? I’ll be back this Sunday to rake it up if no one has done it during my visit back to Delaware . Would like to “borrow” wheelbarrow to speed up job if anyone has one . peace . Russ

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