Mister B. Seized Due to Failure to Pay Outstanding Debt

mister b

Well it seems that my background as being a real life journalist has come in handy this evening because I was able to get my hands on all of the documents pertaining to the seizure of the Mister B. Here are the details…

Back in April 2015, Boyson, Inc., the company that owns and manages the Mister B., entered into a loan agreement with Revere High Yield Fund, LP in which is promised to pay $2.835 million dollars. Boyson Inc., along with a host of other entities and St. Johnians, agreed to make payments on the loan. That never happened and as of Nov. 6, 2015, they were in default.

They were asked again earlier this month to pay the loan – which has since ballooned to more than $3.3 million including interest and attorney’s fees – and they subsequently failed to pay. It was at that point that an arrest warrant was issued. That warrant was executed last week and the Mister B was seized.

As we mentioned earlier, this seizure poses a huge logistical problem for residents as the Mister B was the largest barge transporting vehicles between St. John and St. Thomas. It is unclear when or if the Mister B will resume service. There are, however, two other barges that are currently running.

For those of you who enjoy reading about the knotty gritty details, we have all of them for you. Click here to read the original complaint filed against Boyson, Inc. And click here to read the arrest warrant issued last week.

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