Miss Lucy has passed away

Miss Lucy Smith-Prince died last week at the age of 91.

Known for the Coral Bay restaurant on Friis Bay which bears her name, this kind woman was also the island’s first female taxi driver. 

For more than 20 years, she offered visitors and locals transportation as well as island tours that were fun, memorable, and full of stories about her long life on island – and, of course, her love of cooking.. 

You always knew when she was on the road.  The hood of her maroon SUV hood was adorned with Hibiscus flowers.

7 thoughts on “Miss Lucy has passed away”

  1. We’ve checked in on Ms Lucy whenever we’ve to Miss Lucy’s restaurant at Friis Bay. She was our first intro to St John and a wonderful ambassador for the island. Our condolences to her family and to all who remember her warmth, her smile and her flower- adorned taxi.

  2. We lost a great lady,I new her personally and was very kind,allways smiling and great story teller about the island,rest in peace and condolences to her family.

  3. When I was 12 I was in a girl scout troop. Our leader owns a house on St. John. We had a 2 week trip there. We hosted a day camp for children of the island, did alot of exploring and swimming, and alot of the time was spent with Miss Lucy. She was a very close personal friend of our leader. We ate dinner at her resteraunt and hosted her at our home for lunch many of the days. She was a wonderful woman and will surely be greatly missed by everyone that knew her. RIP Miss Lucy

  4. I cant believe its been a year since Miss Lucy passed. I worked at miss lucy’s when I first arrived on STJ in 2001. Guy, who is one of the restaurant owners, was a most incredible man & great help to Miss Lucy. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this incredible lady & island entreprenuer

  5. I met Miss Lucy in the 1980s when visiting St.John with my mom, and 2 sisters. She was our tour guide, how lucky we were to have her as our guide! We didn’t just get a tour of the island, we got an education! She was a rare jewel, and the one thing about the beautiful island I will never forget!

  6. I danced with Miss Lucy at her 90th birthday ! She was a life legend ! Guy and everyone was so wonderful ! Had many many memorable times under the Sea Grapes !

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