Mermaids Spotted at Maho Bay!

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Most girls, at one time or another, have dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Well now that dream can become a reality thanks to Crystal D’Abbraccio and Mermaid Swim VI.

Mermaid Swim VI allows children and adults, ages three and up, the ability to transform into a mermaid. The “mermaids” can choose from several different skin/tail choices before learning how to swim as a real mermaid. There are also options for “mermen” to participate too.

A private lesson for one mermaid costs $125. This one-hour experience includes individualized instruction and also a mini photo shoot. All pictures are emailed to the mermaids within 24 hours. The lesson can happen on any beach of your choice on St. John or over in St. Thomas. Maho Bay is a popular choice as its calm waters are ideal for mermaids.

Crystal offers discounts for groups of two or more. Two mermaids, for example, cost $150 while four mermaids cost $250 for the hour. It’s a great activity for both children and adults. Crystal’s youngest mermaid was three years old; her oldest was 80. 🙂

Here are a few pictures and a quick video to show you what it’s like to become a real mermaid:

mermaid sisters

kelsey mermaid

Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

You can learn more about Mermaid Swim VI and book your own mermaid experience by visiting its website at www.MermaidSwimVi.com. You can also see more pictures by “liking” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mermaidswimvi

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  1. What is the cost for an almost 60 yr. old, pre-diabetic, overweight man with high blood pressure to become a merman? WHAT?!?! I’m just asking!

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