St. John restaurants, past and present

If yu have been visiting St. John for more than a few years, chances are there are some restaurants you liked then that are gone now.  And if you’re new to the island, and found a favorite eatery, it may not be there a few years from now.

Plus ca change.

If that's the case, your fave goes 'poof', then you might write the same kind of story for the St. John Sun Times that Bob Tis has. 

He's a long time St. Johnian who's written many articles for the Sun Times and the Tradewinds, and a novel, "Down Island." (Available through Amazon here.)

Tis offered his memories in the article, "all the great places, all the great faces."  It's worth a read even if you're a newbie to the island because, as they say you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.
"Barracuda Bistro in Wharfside used to put out an excellent plate of eggs, and the Dockside Pub, right by the ferry dock … did everything right for years," Tis wrote.  "Joe's Diner has been my fallback for a chicken leg and a Heineken for as long as I can remember."

"The one beacon of fine dining … has been the Lime Inn," he said. "Rich and Chris Meyer (owners) … far and away the longest running fine dining establishment on St. John.  The secret to their longevity … only hard work."

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  1. My wife and I loved Stone Terrace when we first visited St. John on our honeymoon in 2006. We were sad when it closed.
    With regard to places that have remained in business but changed, I point to Miss Lucy’s. The first time we went there in 2008 it was amazing and probably the best meal I’ve had during my visits to the Caribbean. However, when we were there earlier this year, I was less than impressed. Not a big fan of the changes they’ve made with regard to the food/menu.
    Albany, NY, USA

  2. Totally agree with your assessment of the Lime Inn. Rich is not only a hard worker, he’s a quality person. His hard work rubs off on his waitstaff, and other employees too.
    One place that’s been gone for quite a while now, that we always enjoyed, was the Upper Deck. Another one, although it wasn’t an eating establishment, was the Kite, a small place overlooking the water on the North Shore road, where you could stop for a cold one and gaze out at the beautiful view from the deck….

  3. We love the Lime Inn and never miss it during our annual (sometimes 2x a year) trips. Last time, we ate there twice is 5 days.
    Our first visit was during our honeymoon, one of the first nights on the island. It was unlike any restaurant I ever visited. I was all of 24 yo and was amazed by the grilled lobster and the whole fish.
    Years later, it was the first STJ restaurant we took our then 4.5 month old son and there was a small earthquake that night. By the next visit he was eating the fish sausage for dinner.
    I worked in the biz years back and I can tell how involved the owners are in the restaurant.

  4. Gosh, how I miss the Dockside Pub! It was the perfect place to end your vacation with an amazing sandwich and a cold beer before the hell of returning to the states. We used to love to just hang out at one of the wooden tables under the trees and watch the frantic fun of people going to and coming from the ferry dock. A little bit of STJ’s soul died the day they got rid of the pub and built that boring building on the end of wharfside village.

  5. Hey Gumbo,
    Must have been real foggy, I believe it overlooked Cinnamon Bay…unless I was in a denser fog than you were back then, and that is definitely possible

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