Meet the New Beach Bar Owners


Yesterday we told you how The Beach Bar sold. Today we’d like you to meet the new owners.

Meet Reed and Sherry Compton. They’re a sweet couple from Alabama, and they’re super excited to be The Beach Bar’s new owners. The couple started sailing around the Virgin Islands about a dozen years ago, and they’ve always wanted to own a business on St. John. And about five years ago, they started looking pretty seriously.

Enter The Beach Bar. Most of you, including us, were pretty surprised when we heard the news. Well that’s because it wasn’t actually for sale. As we mentioned, the Comptons were looking to purchase a business and started chatting it up with The Beach Bar owners. Soon, the group realized that it could work. It was a symbiotic relationship, Reed said, and there you have it.

It was that simple. No drama. Nothing to do with a lease or a landlord. It was simply a lovely couple from Alabama with a dream of owning a beach bar in the Caribbean.

Reed and Sherry describe themselves as “small town folks” and they love St. John’s small town feel. They’ve been in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years, and have already moved to the island full time. They said they do not plan on changing anything, and all of the staff will remain on.

And the rumor floating around the Coconut Telegraph yesterday regarding boats not being able to pull up onto Cruz Bay beach, well that’s simply not true either. Don’t believe everything you read folks. Well unless it’s on News of St. John because then you know it’s true. 🙂

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone and make sure to swing by The Beach Bar and say hello to the new owners.

15 thoughts on “Meet the New Beach Bar Owners”

    • Too bad we just tried to go a drink and a beer and the place was crazy. Couldn’t even get anyone to wait on us. Going to find a friendly place. Maybe headed to the Landong.

  1. the rumor wasn’t “boats not being able to pull up onto Cruz Bay beach” it was joe announcing that charter boats cannot start or end their trips there because he owns the beach.

    • I saw several Charter boats picking up passengers this morning on Cruz Bay beach with no problems.
      Congratulations to the new owners of Beach Bar.

  2. Gotta be good folks coming from Auburn/Opelika. Look forward to meeting them and talking War Eagle football.

    And Santa Jost will be on White Bay beginning December 20th.

  3. I have been enjoying St. John since 1980. Looking forward to seeing all the great people again around 11/22/16. Hopefully the U of M & OSU game will be televised.
    GO BLUE!!

  4. Wishing you the best .The bar is a nice friendly place with that open welcome feeling. The servers there are kind and courteous. You may need a few plants .
    Good luck new owners.

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