Meet Me in Cruz Bay

The island's best known 'mainstream' singer may be Kenny Chesney. But a sextet from Mill Valley, California also deserves some love from Love City.

The Cow Bay CruzBoys were a hot 'house band' on the island in the '80s. Tom Funkhouser and Whistler Doug Van Nostrand first ran into Dore Coller in Coral Bay in 1979.

After years of being 'big fish in a small pond', the Cow Bay CruzBoys headed back for the mainland. Now they're on the west coast, playing private parties and festivals.

They've released one CD, Island Time. You can hear tracks from it, and learn more about the group at http://www.songpeddler.com/CowBayCruzBoys/index.asp

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  1. They were/are great! We looked forward to those Thursday nights at The Lime Inn all week. I bought the cd a while ago, and whenever they come up on my iPod I feel very nostalgic.

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