Meet Liliana.

For every tragedy comes a thousand stories of hope. Meet Liliana.

I had the pleasure of teaching Liliana during the 2015-2016 school year. She is bright, kind, caring and compassionate. She loves St. John. She loves her community. And she plans to help rebuild it. Liliana is only 15. Here is her story.

If you’d like to help St. John with its rebuild, please consider donating to the St. John Community Foundation at thestjohnfoudation.org

4 thoughts on “Meet Liliana.”

  1. Very nicely done Liliana…. I have sent a donation to Gifft Hill School… i hope that you, your family and friends will all be together soon xo

  2. Liliana is a determined life force. I too taught her in 15-16 at GHS. She accelerated one year and wanted to do another. She wants to be a heart surgeon if I recall. She is an avid runner and enjoys competing with herself. Tell her “no” and watch her prove you wrong. Sincere. Focused. Genuine. My words for her. She finds a way to close the task out. Thank you Liliana for all you do and will become.

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