Mark Wallace’s CD has been released – FINALLY!

If you’ve been on St. John, odds are you have heard Mark Wallace – one of the island’s most talented musicians and certainly it’s most popular,

This modest family-man can be found working night after night at some of the island’s night spots and eateries.  From a bar in Coral Bay to restaurants in Cruz Bay, private parties and weddings, a bash at the Westin, or a community event like 8 Tuff Miles, Wallace will be there MC’ing, singing, and entertaining. Mark works construction during the day, and usually plays music four
nights or more each week.  Often you’ll see an attractive brunette and
two children nearby – that’ll be Brenda and the boys.

Each time I see Mark, I ask him, “When’s the CD coming?”  each time he says, “I’m working on it.”  Well, the CD has shipped.  You can order it here.  It’s also available on island at many places including Connections, the Deli Grotto, Morgan’s and Aqua Bistro.

A year ago, I did a podcast with Mark while we were at the 8 Tuff Miles award ceremony. Wallace talks about his music and plays a little, too. Click the play button below.

You can download the file by clicking here.

Some song samples from Mark Wallace’s appearances can be heard here: http://markwallacemusic.com/id4.html

3 thoughts on “Mark Wallace’s CD has been released – FINALLY!”

  1. Do you know, or is there a way for me to find out, if Mark is related to a Jonathan Wallace? I knew him many many years ago; he was great with music. Played several instruments, wrote incredible worship music, had a tape (yes, it was THAT long ago) that I wore out. He was a midwesterner, lived in the Chicago area when I knew him but not originally from Chicago.

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