Making noise at Maho

A pavilion picnic area, costing nearly $500,000, is being built at Maho Bay beach. (Photos courtesy of Bob Schlesinger of TropicalFocus.com.)

The money for the work has been raised by fees visitors paid at Trunk Bay as well as those from boaters using the Park's moorings.

The project involves removing some of the old pavilion as well as constructing a new facility, adding a toilet, and a few additional parking spaces at the far end of the beach.

The availability of parking will be greatly affected, to wit … the Park Service will prohibit all parking along the sides of the road.  It has been common for folks to pull off kind of squeeze alongside the bushes and leave their cars.  The Service said in February that as many as 20 parking spots would be available.

But the Park Service is creating a proper parking lot which will be the only 'legal' space.  Violators could receive a $50 ticket.

5 thoughts on “Making noise at Maho”

  1. I am sad that the beautiful old building is going to be
    pulled down. It had an an old world appeal, kind of
    like a landmark to the past. Maho is my favorite beach
    and now I am sure it will not have that same flavor
    of the “way things used to be”.
    Too much ‘new & improved’ is ruining the authentic feel
    of SJ.

  2. I too am sad that the old building is coming down. Another piece of SJ’s history demolished. Such a pity. You would think there would be a way to keep this building & still have the new building too. ;-(

  3. I’m afraid this new construction/ changes might make Maho too attractive to folks that would have just driven by in the past … less space for selfish little me!

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