Maho Bay founder plans development

SelengutThe founder of Maho Bay Camps has begun selling one-acre lots near his resort for new villas.  And Stanley Selengut has a $20 million construction plan too for land he owns near Concordia to include dozens of villas, a yoga center, restaurant, recycled arts center, and some eco-tents, according to the St. John Source.  The winner of honors, awards and praise for his environmentally-friendly Maho Bay development, Selengut told the online newspaper he is first and foremost a businessman.  Now 75, Selengut said he owns land near Maho as well as six acres on the road that runs toward Lameshur where he hopes to build a shopping area, parking garage and condominiums.

Logomaho Selengut expects to have the restaurant and yoga center open next winter.  He thinks the entire project will be done in 8 years, when his lease on the Maho Bay land expires.  He does not expect it to be renewed, and he is hopeful that the land owners will work with the National Park to insure the 30-year-old campground might continue, as a concession operated by someone else.

4 thoughts on “Maho Bay founder plans development”

  1. Too bad, but inevitable, I guess. Wish there was a really deep-pocketed land trust that could buy the whole thing from him. Short of that, maybe he could put some really strict environmental C&R’s on the lots to prevent another Peter Bay.

  2. He’s done in my estimates…a fine job with Maho. We couldn’t trust a better candidate than this to show the rest of the future developers and developement on St. John at what standards should be upheld. St. John will be changing everyday for the next 10-15 years…we must now live with that. Lets encourage the right people, the right money and the right creative minds to lead us the next decade or so. and most of all!!
    Nature comes first, because nature was here first, and Mother Nature has better taste then all of us.

  3. Sickening. Shopping malls, parking garages, and condos are not appropriate within the confines of the adjacent NP. The private, undeveloped land on St. John has an incalculable value; why should this rich schmuck, and others like him, get richer at the expense of the better good? For my tax dollars, I would like to see seizure of the remaining undeveloped private land for inclusion into the NP.

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