Maho Parking Lot to Close For Repairs

maho bay

For those of you who love Maho as much as I do, you’re going to want to head to your favorite beach much earlier in the upcoming months because parking is about to be at a premium.

The Virgin Island National Park just announced that it will close the large parking lot at the eastern end of the beach from September 5th through November 15th. The plan is to resurface the lot and create travel lanes in and out of the lot, while creating 33 actual parking spaces.

(The lot was originally supposed to close on September 1st. We received a message late Wednesday saying it had been moved to the 5th to accommodate the triathlon.)

If you’ve been over to Maho lately, you know that the lot has large potholes and is frequently quite muddy due to the rains we’ve been receiving. Drivers have also been creating their own versions of parking spots, which can make for some tight maneuvering in the area. So while this may be a bit of a pain in the next few months, the end result should be a great improvement.

Lot of improvements have been happening over at Maho over the last few year, so kudos to the Park on that. Click here to read a story about some improvements that were made back in August 2015.

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  1. When leaving Maho and heading south to Coral Bay, what is that huge cut/ driveway/ road being carved into the woodlands? It appears to lead to the upper area of the old Maho Camp. Could it be a driveway leading to a house being built by the present owner?

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