Meat at Maho

Pavilion Maho Bay Campground has a great reputation as being earth-friendly and environmentally responsible. 

So, the Inquiring Iguana is only mildly amused to hear that the eco-resort's restaurant has resumed its Friday night specials featuring beef(!) and prime rib.  Dinner is served at the Pavilion restaurant from 5:30 p.m. (Early Birds?) to 7:30 p.m.

The end-of-the-week hunk of beef comes with veggies and a salad.  There are at least three other entrees also on the menu, priced from $17 to $23.  Here's a link to the nightly specials: http://www.maho.org/MealsMenu.cfm

For dessert, you might like to browse the Maho Bay Art Center.  It features works in glass, clay, and textiles, with an emphasis on recycled materials.  It seems there's always a sale going on, too. The Art Center's Web site is http://www.maho.org/TTAC.cfm

Read a review of the Pavilion at IgoUgo. "We arrived just in time for dinner and a sunset that set the magical ambiance for the remaining of our stay," wrote the post by Jose Kevo.

10 thoughts on “Meat at Maho”

  1. An “eco-friendly” resort that serves beef/meat??? Yeah right….
    Eating commercially hormone ridden raised animals adds a tremendous amount of methane into the atmosphere.
    Macdonalds’s “billion burgers of beef” have caused rainforests and other eco-friendly systems to be destroyed all for raising cattle for consumption.
    Our family and friends have reduced meat consumption by 50%+ and some have eliminated it eating fish only, and a few have eliminated meat altogether except for eggs.
    The hyperbole while describing the food at Maho is apparent. It is an exaggeration.

  2. Oh Lem….so eating eggs and fish is ok??? Unaware of the impact of that farming eh? Maybe you should read up on it. Please…let’s get real here. They are now saying the family dog is bad for the environment. I hope you don’t have a dog or you might just want to put it down if you do. I pass gas all the time. Maybe I should be taxed on how many times I pass.

  3. I am also well aware of issues regarding mass produced commercial fish and poultry farming as well. Thank you for your additional comment about those issues as well.
    As for your comment about dogs and your problem with flatulence, your “sardonic wit” simply escapes me.
    You are actually not full of flatulence, but hot air.

  4. Cows produce more methane gas than automobiles. That is a fact. Cows are more damaging to the ozone layer in the atmosphere than cars. That is a fact.

  5. I think I have equalized my carbon footprint. I drove my SUV 6 hours to see the space shuttle launch on Monday, just for entertainment. (I did salute our brave astronauts!) Then I had a filet mignon last night, which I grilled rare, so minus one cow. It was so tender and delicious, like butter. Yum! But I digress. Does the space shuttle emit CO2? Should I buy a tree from Al Gore????

  6. My husband and I had the prime rib on 11-20 and it was MAGNIFICENT. It was the best food we had on the whole trip. As long as they keep serving it we will keep returning for the prime rib.

  7. Independent of the whole beef thing:
    I never did understand where Maho got off calling itself an “Eco Resort”. Those two words barely even fit together.
    I guess the “hand constructed platforms … connected by elevated walkways to avoid soil erosion” are sort of Eco-friendly: depending on how much wood was used, where it was harvested and what means of transportation was used to get it there. Then again, any building that wasn’t made out of concrete on this island fits that description.
    …And I guess the “modern, low-flush toilets and pull-chain showers connected to a recycling system which irrigates the surrounding vegetation” is sort of a nice touch.
    But all of this is completely negated by the (laundered) “linens, blankets, towels, cooking and eating utensils, propane stoves, electric outlets, lights and fans”… All of which is powered by WAPA’s coal-fired generators.
    Good-luck finding a solar panel, solar water heater, or wind turbine anywhere on the premise.
    If they have them, they are very well hidden.
    Something tells me the “Eco” thing is just a greenwashed marketing ploy.
    As for the environmental impact of cows: it’s the raising, feeding and transporting, butchering and processing of them that’s the real kick in the carbon.
    Eating them is no problem at all.
    Besides, just about everything farts!
    Buncha Smartasses.

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