Living the Dream … Problems

Bushwacker ...mmm.
Bushwacker …mmm.

So I’m sitting here with Mr. News of St. John and we were chatting about silly things that only happen on St. John. For years we’ve dubbed these “Living the Dream problems.” For example:

“It’s so hot, my Bushwacker melted before I could drink it.”

-Living the Dream problems.

“The donkeys caused a traffic jam.”

-Living the Dream problems.

So we want to know, what are your favorite “Living the Dream problems”? Leave them in the comments section. Once we collect a bunch, we’ll post our favorites and you all can vote on the top “Living the Dream problem.” The winner gets a fancy News of St. John swag bag.

99 thoughts on “Living the Dream … Problems”

  1. Sampling as many Painkillers as possible, trying to decide whose is best, that day, that week, that vacation!! Terrible problem to have.

  2. Our first trip to St. John was extended by two days because Atlanta got 2 inches of snow. What better place to be stranded!! I am hooked now and can’t wait to get there on Thursday for our third visit !!
    Living the dream problems!

  3. Forgot something at the villa, don’t want to give up a prime parking spot at Maho to go back and get it – Living the dream problem!

  4. Big Gov shut down the parks, so I had to go to the beautiful beaches on the the side of the island.

    -Living the Dream Problems!

    • Did you not see “the sign” the snack bar has posted? (wish someone take a picture of the sign and post, these birds have food thievery mastered!!) Gotta guard your grub at Trunk Bay 🙂

  5. Do not go hiking and mistakenly pick the fruit from a manchineel tree thinking it’s a Ginep because you could die while living the dream!!! No worries, I’m fine just a good story that my kids will never let me live down 🙂

  6. While taking a break from snorkeling, resting under a palm tree and sipping a red rum slushy drink, an iguana came up and stole the cherry from me and made my thumb bleed. I didn’t pack any band aids in my beach bag.
    Living the dream problems

  7. On East End, the goats wake us up in the morning walking on the cliff under the house, and the deer won’t get out of the road at night.

  8. I am stressing over what my first drink on the island will be next week! Pain Killer, Lime-n-D’ Coconut, Bushwhacker….too many choices and such am important decision!

  9. Over 20 years of vacationing on my beautiful Saint John, last year had over 75 mosquito bites. Never complained! Looking forward to this years bites!

  10. Car barge to the movie theater livin’ the island dream problems! Oh wait …. What is in the truck next to you on the car barge…. A goat ! Livin’ the island dream problems!!

  11. Shoveling the driveway after yet another snow storm in 30 below windchill…realizing that I am much too far away from living the right dream. Nightmare?? Time to do something about that!!

  12. Oh what beach to go to today, where should we go for HAPP HOUR and what do I want to drink today…….living the dream problems that I love. 🙂

  13. Fell asleep in the sand at Trunk. Arms got so sunburned that now it hurts when I bend them to sip my rum runner…
    Livin’ the dream problems.

  14. living the dream – post office. no parking,
    no such thing as 3-4 day priority mail being here in 3-4 days, gotta luv it to live the dream

  15. “Partying” while packing the night before arriving on St John, open suitcase….. bunch of workout gear including heavy sweat pants and sweat shirts 3 tees 2 pairs of shorts and one swimsuit for the week. It was a great week while we were lining the dream!

  16. I can ride on top of the truck. Or stand in the bed of the truck. Or drink a Painkiller while driving the truck. But if I’m inside the truck, I must wear my seatbelt or get a ticket. ~ Living the Dream

  17. Got yelled at from the cops for drinking in public. The problem was not that I was drinking in public, but that I was drinking the wrong beer in public. I was drinking a Bud Light and the cop informed me that a Heineken was what I was suppose to be drinking. So I agreed and got a Heineken.

  18. Flight home got canceled due to bad weather… Guess I’m staying another day.. ( crosses fingers for more bad weather back home) ..*grins

  19. Snorkeling at Trunk Bay and using our beach chairs as “umbrellas” so we didn’t get wet during a 5 minute down pour – living the dream 🙂

  20. – My electric bill at my rental is more than my stateside mortgage.

    – Having milk with my cereal is a splurge.

    – No one has a last name, only an island name. (I.e. “Big Tim” and “Little Tim”, “Jäger Suzie” and “Sober Suzie”, etc)

    – Damn. I have to go to St Thomas.

    – I passed out in the wrong car but still ended up safely in my own bed. (Thanks somebody!)

    – I can’t find the keys to my house because I haven’t used them in 10 years.

    – When you look for a house to rent, you consider whether the “neighborhood” is known for its poultry population because you want to sleep late on Sundays. (Or Tuesdays…. whatever.)

    – Lizards? Come on inside! I’ve got some juicy roaches for you!

    – The sand is never going to be out of your car. Stop trying so hard.

    – Haute couture: Kmart.

    – Luxury: Ice at home.

    – A distant memory and a reason to pay for a hotel room at the Westin: A BATH TUB!

    – WAPA. Blew. Again.

    – It’s freezing in here! What is it…. 77???

    – I think a mongoose is nesting in my engine because my car smelled like pee the last time I used my AC… (When my family was visiting)….

  21. Living the Dream Problem … Power outage just as I am about to take shower. Stare at the ceiling fan, praying the power comes back on. Finally, plan “B” – jump in the pool.

  22. Walking around Cruz Bay only to notice the iguanas sitting on the church steps jamming to the choir practicing… Living the dream.

  23. I hung my backpack from a tree at Waterlemon, only to return from snorkeling to find a mongoose hanging from the bottom of it eating my granola bar! Living the Dream Problem

  24. Finding out that almost every other Monday is a Govt. holiday, trying to get anything done on a Friday after 3pm or during the weeks around Carnival.

  25. You know you’re living the dream when you rescue a gecko from the AC vent in the jeep which he thought was going to be his new home 7 days earlier.

    He got to see more of the island than the average gecko.

  26. Only on St. John can you go to bed and get jumped by a house gecko and he will still be there in the morning to look you in the eye. – living the dream problems!

  27. Decisions, decisions,

    deciding whether to get the free rum with my colombo’s smoothie or not?

    do I want to watch another killer sunset from the Tourist Trap?

    should I order once again the amazing ahi tuna special from Aqua Bistro?

  28. Got my a*s kicked by a 4 foot iguana when I got too close trying to take a picture. Didn’t know that tail packs the punch of a grown man when they whip it. left quite the welt. (and I promise rum hadn’t impaired my judgement at all…)

  29. Waking up to the sounds of roosters and sighting a rainbow; snorkeling during the day; watching sunsets overlooking bays and St. Thomas!

  30. Standing on our terrace Feb 2, with a house full of guests & the power goes out!
    smelling diesel fuel & listening to a loud roaring sound……..
    And being HAPPY about it!
    On the Island, great friends, a generator & the Super Bowl life is good!

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