Last call at Texaco

The Texaco station is to be closed at the end of June.  Robert O’Connor, the owner, doesn’t agree with the decision, according to the St. John Source.  He told the newspaper he thinks the Dept. of Public Works is over-estimating how much land it needs to build a traffic roundabout to ease congestion, the reason for shutting the station.

A portion of land where day laborers gather to wait for work, at Boulon Center, will also be absorbed for the project.  Albert Willis, owner of the center, told the Source it doesn’t make any sense for him to fight the government about the land taking.

Published reports about the closing did not indicate when construction of the roundabout will begin.  Doing the work in the summer makes sense, but it’s likely not to be complete in time for next winter’s tourist season.  That means traffic problems probably will get worse before they get better.

5 thoughts on “Last call at Texaco”

  1. If the bathrooms take a year??? how long will a roundabout take or a parking garage. St John should hold it’s tax money on island until the most basic functions are addressed. Oh yea, it might take a few years for the government to notice since it takes 2 years to mail a tax bill.

  2. All true statement but oh, the joy of that juncture traffic jam-free is too much to imagine. I feel bad for Mr. O’Connor but the notion of cars actually moving through town has won my heart.

  3. Hey,Tom.You can be a little hard pressed to find it,but yes parking is free. I use St.John car rental,which is nice. A little pricey,but better than depending on a taxi,ya’ know?(the cost for them at the end of the week can also add up-)My advice is to ask whomever you rent from if it’s ok to park in their actual lot.It’s worked out well with me for the past few years…

  4. When we rented our jeep last year the car rental company offered free parking for us. It was within walking distance of town, so we usually parked right there.

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